Founders and sisters, Melati (15) and Isabel (13) Wijsen – مركز التجميل في الاردن
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Founders and sisters, Melati (15) and Isabel (13) Wijsen

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kanken Bye Bye Plastic Bags is a social initiative, driven by the youth to get the people of Bali to say no to plastic bags. Founders and sisters Furla Outlet, Melati (15) and Isabel (13) Wijsen started Bye Bye Plastic Bags 3 years ago when they were inspired by a lesson in class about significant people like Nelson Mandela, Lady Diana Furla Outlet1, Mahatma Ghandi. They went home that day and thought “What can we do as children living in Bali, what can we do NOW.” Bye Bye Plastic Bags was born in 2013 and now has a volunteer team of 25 30 students from all schools around Bali, local and international. kanken

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The overall effort has given confidence and opportunities to these women in order to earn a livelihood. Now, it a regular affair to receive several orders for bags Furla Outlet, jewellery and more. Success storiesA small unit exists in the slums of Vakola where a close knit group of 30 women have been making bags.

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