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Families of the dead and Randal McCloy

To quote Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in a high pitched voice, “oh, what a night.” Thursday night’s NBA draft started off with a bang (Anthony Bennett at No. 1) and rolled on into a catty second round (Doc Rivers vs. Bill Simmons). He withdraws the funding in September and files for divorce in November.2000 Purchases a small fund he started at Rothschild and opens his own private equity firm, WL Ross Co. LLC.2002 Establishes the International Steel Group (ISG), with himself as chairman of the board, through a series of mergers and acquisitions starting with Bethlehem Steel Corp.December 2003 ISG goes public.2004 Forms the International Coal Group (ICG) after purchasing the assets of Horizon Natural Resources in a bankruptcy auction.October 2004 Merges ISG with Mittal Steel for $4.5 billion.January 2, 2006 Twelve miners are killed after an explosion at a West Virginia mine operated by an ICG subsidiary. Families of the dead and Randal McCloy, the lone survivor, sue ICG and WL Ross claiming negligence.

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