Despite these grave facts, I reckon that almost no one in my – مركز التجميل في الاردن
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Despite these grave facts, I reckon that almost no one in my

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Canada Goose Jackets The confessions of Misskelley are canada goose outlet online store review the most fascinating part of the West Memphis 3 case, regardless of your stance on innocence or guilt. Yet, so much media, documentary, and celebrity attention dismisses his four confessions, and just claims JM was retarded, and after a “12 hour interrogation” he falsely confessed. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance What about the direction of Guede bloody shoe canada goose outlet ottawa prints exiting Kercher room in a direct line, which makes it impossible that he closed the door behind him? canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale Amanda Knox may not have been the main perpetrator, but she tried to cover it up. Wasn she seen buying a mop canada goose factory outlet or something the next morning? Didn she call her mother at like 3am Seattle time to have some urgent conversation, just before the body was “discovered”? Canada Goose sale

Forgive me, it been at least two or three years since I considered this case. but golly! She looks guilty as hell!

canada goose coats 2.) Psychologically: in terms of motive, you WANT to be the cop who successfully delivers the world canada goose outlet store new york most famous murder weapon. Keeping it for yourself accomplishes nothing like buying a winning lotto ticket, and deciding to frame it instead of cashing it in. canada goose coats

3.) Isn there a show canada goose outlet uk sale that on TV, or will soon be on TV, that is all about the OJ case? Yeah. This is just an advertisement for that.

canada goose coats on sale 4.) TMZ is a strange place, and the leader of that operation has some weird obsession \ connection to the case. Neither a credible guy, nor credible organization. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance sale Even if they “find DNA” on the knife, we can only suspect it canada goose parka uk was planted, as a way of preserving the ego of those who lost the case. son that killed Nicole. (read up on that theory; it ultimately unlikely, but damn is it compelling) canada goose clearance sale

canada goose Serial killers and other deep mysteries are rather rare in my country. A couple of years canada goose parka outlet ago a serial killer was active in my country. He killed only a couple of people, nothing compared canada goose outlet phone number to the gargantuan tallies of some of his fellow American psychopaths. Yet he reportedly ate some of his victims flesh (cannibalism) and was sentenced to a long prison sentence once he was caught. Despite these grave facts, I reckon that almost no one in my canada goose outlet in new york country knows his name. People canada goose outlet vip take notice of these facts, condemn these persons for their despicable actions and forget about it. In this respect I think that over here we inclined to take a more austere and level headed approach to both producing and consuming news regarding isolated and grave felonies. canada goose

Yet in the US not only the news reporting may be more sensationalist regarding serial killers, but serial killers themselves seem to be regarded with the ambivalent mixture of shock and reverence. Take the Zodiac, Manson, Israel Keyes. People make movies and TV shows about these people, and marvel endlessly at Keyes kill caches and his supposedly high intelligence. There are millennials swooning over Manson. Whereas in Europe individually committed atrocities are generally met with grief and condemnation, in the US such events seem to be canada goose outlet in montreal embedded within a cultural frame canada goose outlet location wherein some form of reverence correlates positively with the depravity and scope of the case, and canada goose outlet miami consequentially bleeds into the realm of popular entertainment.

As a European, the entertainment I consume is mainly produced in the US (Hollywood); in some respects, my knowledge of the American justice system, federal investigations (FBI), the canada goose parka outlet uk methodology of forensic research and so forth might even be deeper ingrained in my mind than its counterparts in my country.

Whenever I read about an American murder mystery, I conflate the evil done and pain incurred by the victims with the way these canada goose outlet price facts are generally depicted in fiction and entertainment. For me, the mere concept of an American serial killer is inextricably bound to feelings of suspense and uncanniness, and images of outlandish and wayward people.

Mysteries set in non western societies such as Asia interest me the least. This is probably because I have no intimate knowledge of these cultures at all, and lacking a way to really relate to these stories, I unable to engage with them beyond the rational level.

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Even though i disagree they are innocent, I up voted because like you I gone back forth. It a fascinating case. Awhile back i watched a doc i hadn seen before that was very amateurish and repetitive but sealed canada goose outlet 2015 my opinion.

Canada Goose online Basically the person who made the doc was getting deep into conspiracy theory about Johnny Depp and most people in Hollywood practicing black magic/witchcraft. None of that influenced me though. What sealed the deal for me was video of Damion throughout the trial. If i was a teenager on trial for the rape/murder/mutilation of canada goose outlet las vegas three boys, I be scared to death. Not just that, I be anguished just hearing about the crime. Canada Goose online

canada goose deals Damion was more canada goose outlet new york concerned with how his hair looked before entering the courtroom and seeing the cameras. He laughed and joked with his lawyer. He talked about how people would remember him for this (a crime he plead not guilty to). He a total fucking sociopath. It canada goose outlet also no coincidence that these kids were victimized in the exact way described by damion idol alester crowley. The point being to obtain magical powers through blood sacrifice to demonic entities. canada goose deals

Now most people would dismiss this outright but with a little research into the occult and its practices, I seen there are people who believe strongly in this process. It not the smoking gun evidence I want to convict three teenagers but as a bystander examining the case, I canada goose outlet in toronto quite sure they guilty.

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Damien behavior can just as easily be interpreted as that of a cocky teenager who felt rather invincible because he knew he was innocent he probably had no idea he could go down for a crime he didn commit.

canada goose store Having said that, I ultimately believe it WAS Damien. Let never forget a few canada goose outlet edmonton crucial points: canada goose store

First, the crime had to be committed by people native to the area, as it required knowledge of the woods.

Canada Goose Outlet Second, the crime had to be committed by more than one person, as it requires more than a single perpetrator manpower to nab three kids on bikes and dispose of them all quick enough to not get caught. Canada Goose Outlet

Finally, given that two or more people were needed to commit the crime, you have to consider the crime was likely one sociopath brain child, but it required the assistance of more people it is far more likely that impressionable teenagers got caught up following Damien nefarious lead than a fully developed adult participating in some other guys plan to kill some children.

canadian goose jacket Whatever the Hobbs motive might be, it only makes sense as an act of rage against his own step son. Stripping three kids clothes off and hog tying their hands to ankles, that to me seems like the bullying tactics of wild teenagers more than adult rage canadian goose jacket.

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