Because of this, it is estimated that in the next 100 billion – مركز التجميل في الاردن
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Because of this, it is estimated that in the next 100 billion

So, any decline in some of these stocks would be a very good opportunity to buy. For us, the agri chemical plays, we have had picks like Rallis India, UPL and Chambal. We continue to be overweight on all these three stocks on any decline.. The ethical principle is that the worse off in a society have greater right to dissent and protest even when the more privileged may not agree or sympathise with that dissent. This is the truly ethical principle that can sustain a mature society. Thus, when we hear the voices of dissent from the oppressed and the marginalised, it is ethically incumbent upon those who are better off than them to give them greater space and greater freedom to dissent.

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