, and the unwary are taken in, at least once – مركز التجميل في الاردن
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, and the unwary are taken in, at least once

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canada goose coats WATCH: The FBI is now saying the agency received a tip back in January from someone who knew the accused Florida school shooter might be planning something. The FBI also admits it did not follow up on the tip. canada goose coats

The Florida high school shootingIt depressing that there are a significant number of people whose immediate response to mass tragedy is to find ways to create and exploit online disinformation. The Florida high school shooting this week provided a number of examples.

Some are canada goose outlet store quebec drearily familiar, like the unfunny 4chan meme that a comedian named Sam Hyde was the gunman., and the unwary are taken in, at least once. debate about canada goose outlet shop gun control. Adding further gas to an online debate that has already had lots of gas poured on it Russian bots, doing what Russian bots do with divisive memes, any divisive memes. Russian bots tracked by Hamilton68 were promoting the hashtags gunreformnow and falseflag.

canada goose store The shooting aftermath did reveal something new to keep an eye out for, as if we needed that. canada goose store

Miami Herald reporter Alex Harris will have found it hard enough to cover the shooting (she also had to cover the 2016 Pulse Nightclub massacre) without having to deal with screenshotted forgeries of her tweets in which she was looking for witnesses to interview. Poynter explains.

There are 2 fake tweets circulating today attributed to me. They are doctored versions of tweets I sent while trying to tell the stories of victims and survivors important stories that need to be heard. I did not ask if the shooter was white nor ask for photos of dead bodies.

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